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Air Switches


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    InSinkErator STS-00 Air Activated Sink Top Switch

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    Kit includes Chrome and White finish buttons to complement decor For use with all InSinkErator® disposers Mounts easily to sink or countertop Addit...

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    Original price $104.00 - Original price $104.00
    Original price
    $104.00 - $104.00
    Current price $104.00

Why You Need High Quality Kitchen Plumbing Supplies

Revamp your kitchen effortlessly with NYDirect’s range of kitchen plumbing parts. From kitchen faucets and sinks to hot water tanks, our collection is perfect for both professionals and homeowners looking to take on a kitchen DIY project. We’ve got a variety of products that cater to both residential and commercial spaces alike. No matter your budget, NYDirect has what you need to upgrade your kitchen plumbing fixtures and make your dream renovation project come true!

Explore Our Range of Kitchen Plumbing Supplies

NYDirect is your comprehensive source for all kitchen plumbing necessities. Our collection features popular Insinkerator disposals and Mustee sinks, as well as a plethora of kitchen fixture options in different sizes and colors like elegant granite, classic black, or pristine white. 

Each product we sell is carefully selected from top brands, and embodies both quality and style. Our contemporary sink and faucet designs don’t just look good—they perform exceptionally well to ensure your kitchen is both modern and functional. Whether that’s the ease of use or maintaining the perfect water temperature, they always deliver. Embrace convenience and sophistication with NYDirect's premium kitchen plumbing fixtures and supplies.

Types of Kitchen Plumbing Supplies

NYDirect's extensive selection of plumbing supplies for kitchens includes state-of-the-art kitchen faucets, many of which are available in a brushed finish, as well as stainless steel, brushed bronze, and chrome to match every decor. You can also enhance your kitchen's convenience with instant hot and filtration systems, and keep things clean and tidy with our efficient garbage disposals and stylish soap dispensers. 

Whether you're undertaking a full renovation or a simple update, our versatile and high-quality kitchen plumbing parts add elegance and practicality to your culinary space.

Helpful Buying & Installation Tips

Whether you’re looking for a kitchen faucet, a water filtration system, or a hot and cool water dispenser, choosing the right plumbing fixture makes all the difference in your kitchen. 

Start with material durability; choose supplies that promise longevity and resilience. Size is another key factor, especially for optimizing space and maintaining proportions in your kitchen. Ensure the compatibility of new parts with your existing fixtures for a cohesive look and functionality. Don't worry about installation—with the right tools and our guidance, it's straightforward. Just remember to measure carefully and understand how each part works to create a smooth kitchen setup that you'll love for years.

Why Choose Our Kitchen Plumbing Supplies

Experience unparalleled quality with NYDirect’s kitchen essentials. Delve into our premium range and discover why we are the top choice for kitchen plumbing parts.

Extensive Premium Catalog

Our catalog is a treasure trove of premium brands offering a wide selection of kitchen plumbing fixtures. When you drop in to browse our extensive collection, expect to find the exact parts and accessories you need for your kitchen upgrade.

Shipped Directly to You

Enjoy the convenience of direct shipping. NYDirect brings your chosen kitchen plumbing supplies right to your doorstep. Orders placed before 2 p.m. ship same-day, meaning you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home.

Family Owned and Operated

As a family-run business, NYDirect prides itself on offering personalized service and a commitment to quality. Our family values are reflected in every interaction, ensuring a trustworthy and satisfying shopping experience.

Shop Kitchen Plumbing Supplies Today With NYDirect

Quality matters when it comes to kitchen plumbing. At NYDirect, we understand this and offer only the best. Trust us for reliable, stylish, and functional kitchen fixtures and parts that are delivered directly to your door. 

Give us a call today to level up your kitchen plumbing fixtures! 

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