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A single handle faucet with an average size kitchen sink below it

Comparing Faucet Types: Choosing the Right One for Your Kitchen

Are you looking to spruce up your kitchen with a stylish and functional faucet, but overwhelmed by the sheer variety of options available on the market?

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast, a professional plumber, or a contractor working on a kitchen remodel, selecting the perfect kitchen faucet can be a pivotal decision. It’s more than just a water dispenser; it’s a focal point of your kitchen, a workhorse that facilitates daily chores, and a stylistic element that ties your entire kitchen together.

That’s why we created this kitchen faucet buying guide: to help you understand your options and narrow down your choices. Join us as we compare various faucet types for kitchens based on how they look and what they offer! 

5 Common Faucet Types for Kitchens 

When learning how to select a kitchen faucet, having a solid understanding of the different materials used is your first step.

From both a design and functional perspective, sink and faucet configuration must be balanced and work together to achieve function and aesthetic needs. The process of buying a kitchen faucet involves balancing these two considerations. 

Figure out whether the faucet you choose is compatible with the number of holes in your kitchen basin, and decide which features matter most. Don’t be afraid to explore different kitchen faucet styles, finishes, and features to find the perfect one.

Let’s dive into the specifics.

Pull-Out Faucet 

A pull-out faucet offers a lot of allowance for motion and reach, which means it can easily reach any corner of your sink regardless of its size. 

This type of faucet has a stationary body but has a detachable spout, which doubles as a sprayer or a hose. Thanks to the detachable feature, you can freely twist or bend the head of the pull-out faucet in whatever direction you choose.

Not to be confused with pull-down faucets, this type of kitchen faucet has a straighter spout.

Best kitchen faucet for: Compact kitchens with limited overhead space, such as those with low cabinets or shelves.

Pull-Down Faucet

A pull-down faucet also features a stationary body and a retractable head. Only this time, the spout extends down into the sink. 

These types of kitchen faucets are ideal if you have a deep sink or if you’re often rinsing and washing deep pots and pans. While limited in mobility compared to pull-out faucets, they’re still helpful if you want to do a thorough cleaning of your dishware.

Best kitchen faucet for: Contemporary kitchens with deep sinks.

An all-black pull-down faucet

Single-Handle Faucet 

One of the most popular choices for sleek design and ease of use is the single-handle faucet.

With a single lever to control both temperature and water flow, they offer simplicity and efficiency. Single-handle faucets are also easier to install, and work well with both modern and traditional homes. Additionally, since only one hand is needed to operate the handle, homeowners with disabilities or those with limited grip strength can operate these types of kitchen faucets with ease.

Best kitchen faucet for: Any and all kitchens, this faucet type comes in various styles, making them versatile for any kitchen aesthetic. 

Double-Handle Faucet 

A double-handled kitchen faucet features separate hot and cold handles, allowing for precise control over water temperature. This is one of the most flexible kitchen faucet types in terms of materials, meaning you can add a personal touch to yours if you choose to install one. 

Overall, they offer a balanced blend of form and function. If you’re maintaining a timeless look in your kitchen, these faucets provide that old-world charm.

Best kitchen faucet for: Two-handle faucets are commonly found in traditional or classic homes, specifically farmhouse, colonial, or Victorian-style kitchens.

A stainless steel double-handle kitchen faucet

Pot Filler Faucet 

You may be wondering, what is a pot filler faucet

This trendy kitchen faucet is typically mounted on the wall directly above a stove or a gas range to free up extra space around your sink. They’re often connected to a separate water supply.

Pot filler faucets generally feature an extendable arm that can be pulled out or folded back toward the wall when not in use. However, while aesthetically pleasing, this feature makes it more difficult to control water temperature. If you’re leaning towards a more minimalist design, then buying a kitchen faucet like this could be a good move! 

Best kitchen faucet for: Kitchens where frequent cooking and large-scale food preparation are common.

Remodel Your Kitchen Sink with Quality Faucets

At the end of the day, selecting and buying a kitchen faucet largely depends on your kitchen’s style, size, and how you use it on a daily basis.

Not sure where to start? NYDirect is a family-owned and operated business that offers a simple, seamless, and stress-free method of ordering all your home improvement supplies. From residential sinks and faucets, to more specific plumbing parts for your commercial remodel, our extensive catalogue of plumbing products is sure to have what you’re looking for.

For more information or questions about how to select a kitchen faucet, contact us today. We’re always happy to help!

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