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Zoeller 152899 Battery Charger for a 507 Series Aquanot Back-up Sump Pump

by Zoeller
Original price $258.19 - Original price $258.19
Original price
$258.19 - $258.19
Current price $258.19
Size: 12 Volt Charger
Zoeller Aquanot 507 System Battery Charger
This 12 volt charger uses the latest switch mode technology available and allows for an extremely efficient charger in a compact design. The DC controller is equipped with a 10 amp charger for maintaining the battery in a ready state and recharging the battery after use when AC power is restored. . 
  • Solid-state, automatic controller
  • Features alarms, light indicators and warning systems
  • Fully automatic charging with overcharge protection
  • Monitors battery continuously to maintain full charge
  • Charges standard deep cycle and lead-acid batteries

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