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Watco FLEX924-LT-PVC-CP Lift & Turn "Flexible" Complete Bath Waste Chrome

by Watco

The Watco Flex Series is a complete Flexible Bath Waste with 24 inches of of flexible tubing. Flexible tubing in place of the rigid PVC overflow pipe allows the overflow tubing to easily bend over from a mis-aligned drain pipe to the overflow hole of the tub. Includes built-in test membrane (See graphic below). Fits most tubs up to 24-in tall. 

  • Chrome finish
  • Lift & Turn
  • 24 Inch Flexible Pipe (Can cut down to fit)
  • PVC Only
  • Eliminates the need to use 45 degree elbows for offsets. 
  • Just bend the flexible tubing to correct the misalignment.
  • Eliminates all screws and a separate overflow test plug.
  • Eliminates leaks due to loose overflow attachment.
  • Eliminates dual inventory of one- and two-hole overflow plates.
  • Overflow elbow/flexible tubing joint is factory-welded; flexible tubing/sanitary tee joint is designed to cut and fit in the field