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Viega MegaPressG Carbon Steel Adapter, Press X Female Pipe Thread

by Viega
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In stock
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Size: 3/4" x 1/2"


Viega MegaPressG with an HNBR sealing element is the first press fitting system for carbon steel pipe approved for use in gas and fuel oil applications.  Viega MegaPressG is ideal for industrial, commercial and residential applications and performs well in both new installations and retrofit projects.  Tested to the strictest standards in North America, Viega MegaPressG joins carbon steel pipe reliably through the engineered design of the fittings and a battery-powered press tool.  Not approved for use with potable water. 

Product Details

  • Engineered with a 420 stainless steel grip ring plus a 304 stainless steel separator ring for sizes 1/2" to 2" and a graphite separator ring for sizes 2/12" to 4"
  • Approved for more applications than any other carbon steel pipe press fitting system 
  • Suitable for use with ASTM Schedule 5 to Schedule 40 carbon steel pipe in accordance with AHJ requirements
  • Corrosion-resistant zinc nickel coating
  • More than 200 engineered fitting configurations from 1/2" to 4"
  • Approved for underground applications in accordance with code and local AHJ
  • The same hanger and support requirements as threaded systems
  • Patented Smart Connect technology helps installers easily identify unpressed connections, providing increased confidence in the integrity of connections

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Viega MegaPressG Carbon Steel Adapter, Press X Female Pipe Thread