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Viega 50303 1/2" PureFlow Zero Lead Poly Alloy PEX Crimp Manabloc With 30 Ports - 18 Cold 12 Hot

by Viega
Original price $295.00 - Original price $295.00
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$295.00 - $295.00
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Size: 1/2" Pex Crimp
Viega Manabloc Manifolds parallel water distribution system incorporates a system of PEX distribution lines dedicated to individual plumbing fixtures.  Viega Manabloc Manifolds are fully assembled and factory tested. They include individual quarter-turn port shutoff valves, which allow the end user complete control over the entire plumbing system from one central location. 
  • Proven quality and non-corroding 
  • Reduced flow noise
  • Excellent chlorine resistance
  • PolyAlloy port adapters
  • Homerun distribution manifold
  • ¼ turn valves, T-​handle valve key
  • 30 ports: 18 cold & 12 hot

Note: Does not include supply connections

  • Use product 50141 for 3/4" connection
  • Use product 50151 for 1" connection 

Need the Manabloc installation wrench?? Use the Viega 50631

Need an access panel?? Use the Viega 50730

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