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Stiebel Eltron 524201 MegaBoost Tank Booster Water Heater

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Can’t fit a bigger tank water heater in the space?

MegaBoost is designed to be installed with any domestic hot water tank, new or existing, gas or electric. It will provide more hot water for longer showers and shorten the tank's recovery time.

It achieves its boosting effect at 100% efficiency. MegaBoost installation is flexible as it is designed to be installed on either the tank's cold water inlet or on the hot water outlet. A 30-gallon tank with MegaBoost installed on the hot water outlet will provide 54% more hot water than the tank will without MegaBoost.

Product Features

  • More hot water for more showers or longer showers
  •  Achieves its boosting effect at 100% efficiency
  •  Makes a small tank perform like a large tank
  •  Saves space
  •  Fast & accurate hot water temperature adjustment for convenience and comfort
  •  Increases existing tank capacity up to 71%
  •  200% faster recovery time
  •  Saves energy
  •  Saves money by preventing the increased standby losses of a larger tank replacement
Spec Sheet
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