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Sloan 3372003 WES-212 Dual-Flush Handle Assembly

by Sloan
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  • ADA Compliant Dual-Flush Handle.


  • Dual-Flush Retrofit Handle for Exposed, Low Consumption Water Closet Flushometers with the following features:
  • Retrofits to most any existing valve
  • Lifting Handle UP initiates reduced flush, eliminating liquid and paper waste
  • Pushing Handle DOWN initiates full flush, eliminating solid waste and paper
  • Reduces water volume by up to 30% when activated UPWARDS
  • Antimicrobial Coating on Handle protects against germ transmission
  • Distinctive Green Handle signifies Water Conserving Device
  • Handle Packing molded from PERMEX™ Rubber Compound for Chloramine Resistance
  • Includes (2) adhesive backed Metal Wall Plates etched w/Instructions


  • Does not include complete Flushometer valve.
  • For complete valve, use Sloan Flushometer Models WES-111 or WES-115

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