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Rectorseal 97026 6" Clean Check Backwater Valve

SKU 97026

Clean Check® extendable backwater valves prevent sewage backup into a residence or building as a result of a plugged sewer system, excess volume in the system or groundwater flooding. They are designed to be installed easily outside a home, business or other structure, without using a costly manhole, and are readily accessible for maintenance or cleaning. The extendable valves consist of a tee-shaped valve body, a top collar and a bottom collar with a replaceable PVC flapper attached. In the event of back-pressure, the flapper blocks the reverse flow and prevents a sewage backup Clean Check® valves are available in ABS and PVC and in multiple sizes, to meet the needs of most residential and commercial construction. Verticle offset from upstream to downstream side is: 3 in. & 4 in. valves - 0.4 in., 6 in. valve - 0.5 in. 

New heavy duty flapper that withstands pressure of 75 psi at 100 ft. of head.