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Rectorseal 97024 4" PVC Clean Check Backwater Valve

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Clean check extendable backwater valves prevent sewage backup into a residence or building as a result of a plugged sewer system, excess volume in the system or groundwater flooding. They are designed to be installed easily outside a home, business or other structure, without using a costly manhole, and are readily accessible for maintenance or cleaning. The extendable valves consist of a tee-shaped valve body, a top collar and a bottom collar with a replaceable pvc flapper attached. In the event of back-pressure, the flapper blocks the reverse flow and prevents a sewage backup. Lean check valves are available in abs and pvc and in multiple sizes, to meet the needs of most residential and commercial construction. Vertical offset from upstream to downstream side is: 3 in. & 4 in. Valves - 0.4 in., 6 in. Valve - 0.5 in.

  • Prevents the reverse flow of backwater into a structure as a result of a plugged sewer system, excess volume in the system or ground water flooding
  • Installs discretely outside, below grade, between the structure and the standard clean out
  • Lifts up and out of housing for above ground maintenance and inspection
  • Parts not provided : Standard 6 inch ABS or PVC Outer Riser Pipe of required length, and one 6 inch Threaded Adapter and Plug .Standard 4 inch ABS or PVC Inner Riser Pipe of required length.

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