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Oatey® Sure-Vent® 24 DFU Capacity Air Admittance Valve

by Oatey
SKU 39017

Oatey® Sure-Vent® 20 DFU Capacity Air Admittance Valve's one-way valve allows air to enter the plumbing drainage system when negative pressures develop in the piping system.

  • Complies to ASSE Standard 1050 and 1051
  • For use as a secondary vent
  • One size approved to handle up to 3" vent pipe
  • Opens/closes as needed by building's plumbing system
  • Adapter Material: PVC
  • Adapter Size: 1.5" or 2" 
  • Adapter Type: PVC
  • DFU Rating: 160 Branch, 24 Stack