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Flushmate M-101526-F42 504 Series Pressure Assist tank less Handle

SKU M-101526-F42

This complete system replacement is designed to replace existing Flushmate M101526-F4 1.0 GPF 504 Series for the following two-piece pressure assist toilets: 

  • Mansfield 153
  • St Thomas / Vitromex
  • Peerless 1
  • VitrA 5066
  • Wester T4ULF-PF-1

Please note that Flushmate systems will not retrofit into gravity type toilets and will only fit into a toilet that already has an existing Flushmate system. 

Need a replacement cartridge?  Order the C-100-500-K.

Need a replacement handle kit? Order the AP400504.

Owner's Operation and Installation Manual 

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