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Canplas Endura 3915A02 Compact Grease Interceptor

by Endura
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Flow Rate: 15 GPM
Connection: 2"

Using our original patented design, the Endura15 is typically installed in low flow applications such as food trucks, concession stands, and small kitchens. Supplied with our accessible flow control, this model offers durability and longevity of operation and features our EZ-Open cover latching system for quick, reliable access. NSF Certified to CSA B 481.1, ASME A112.14.3 & PDI G101. Compatible with stackable riser extension (3920AX6).

  • 15 GPM/30LB 2"
  • Tank, lid and baffles injection molded in high performance engineered thermoplastic that will not corrode, chip, or peel, even under the most severe applications.
  • Compact footprint compared to traditional solutions.
  • Supplied with accessible flow control device (HxHxH) for solvent weld installation to ABS and PVC DWV systems
  • Maximum service temperature rated at 220 Deg F/104 Deg C continuous discharge.
  • Lightweight but highly durable construction offers ease of handling, installation and product longevity compared to traditional interceptors.
  • EZ-Open cover latching system provides simple fastener free solution for regular maintenance access.
  • Tank installed using mechanical joint couplings (by others), allowing for connection with various piping materials.
  • 2" No-Hub connection compatible with DWV piping.
  • Cover exceeds CSA B481.0 Class L - Proof load min. 600lb (270kg). Expected service load Max 300lb (135kg).
  • Recessed silicone seal prevents foul odors from escaping in service.


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Canplas Endura 3915A02 Compact Grease Interceptor