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ARC WP2001-TNK Tank 10 Waterproofing Compound 1-Gallon

by ARC
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Tank/10 Liquid Waterproofing Compound is an outstanding product that is easy to apply and ensures long-lasting protection. Tank/10 Polyurethane Construction Adhesive is a ‘best-in-class” product that bonds to many materials, most importantly plastic shower bases and all kinds of wood joists.

  • Tank/10 is a high performance, premium latex liquid waterproofing compound for use in demanding wet-area environments
  • Tank/10’s elastomeric properties provide a protective, flexible interface that reduces the risk of substrate cracks transferring to finished tile and stone flooring
  • Tank/10 provides a seamless, monolithic moisture barrier
  • due to Tank/10’s exceptional elastomeric properties, it expands and contracts — other liquid waterproofing products will expand, but they do not have a memory to contract again
  • Tank/10 has an industry-leading perm rating of .061, which far exceeds the threshold for use in steam showers
  • Tank/10 remains usable through two freeze/thaw cycles
  • Tank/10 typically dries in less than 2 hours
  • For waterproofness, apply Tank/10 to 20 mil. thickness (2 coats liberally applied)
  • Tank/10 has a 3 year shelf life (when stored indoors at temperatures between 40° and 110° in the unopened, sealed original container)
  • Coverage: approximately 60 sq. ft./gallon
  • Easy to apply with a brush, ½” nap paint roller, or trowel
  • Tank/10 may be applied to many substrates, including plastic, all types of tile backer board and mortar beds
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ARC WP2001-TNK Tank 10 Waterproofing Compound 1-Gallon