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ARC TrueDEK Classic Shower Bases

by ARC
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Base: Base Only
Size: 59" X 32-1/4"



TrueDEK Classic shower bases make building curbless showers easy and fast, without any need to cut into joists.

In most cases our pre-sloped, structural bases can be installed in a few hours, and the entire shower can be prepared for tile in one day.

Installed properly, your shower will never leak, and you can count on it for a lifetime of use — you can even remodel the tile as often as you like. And showers built on TrueDEK bases offer the timeless advantages of level-entry — easy access, easier to clean, safer, and suitable for everyone.

For over 30 years, people have been enjoying TrueDEK systems in the US, Canada, and Europe. 

The easiest, fastest way to build a curbless, level-entry shower is with an ARC shower base. Installing this shower base and waterproofing your shower can be completed in one day. With a TrueDEK shower base you avoid all the difficulty and risk of notching, lowering, or altering the joists. ARC TrueDEK shower bases take away all of the guesswork and make building a shower so much easier.

  • Thickness at edges: 7/8″

  • Composition: Glass reinforced plastic (GRP)

  • Slope gradient: Pitch gradients vary, though all gradients exceed 1/8″ per foot (complies with all applicable codes for a pre-fabricated, structural shower plumbing fixtures).

  • Weight load capacity: 840 lbs. on code compliant, 16″ o.c. joist systems and supplemental blocking; 1,100 lbs. on code compliant, 16″ o.c. joist systems, with ¾”- thick plywood filling all spaces between joists and supported by 2× blocking (call ARC for more information).

  • Stress capacity: 4,000 pounds-force per square inch.

  • Support requirements: Installation requires supporting the entire perimeter of the foundation and the drain hole; any cuts or notches made in the foundation must be supported; support can be achieved with joists and supplemental 2× blocking.

  • Cutting: Foundations can be cut to length and width (keep cuts at least 6? from perimeter of drain hole); cuts can be straight or curved; for straight cuts, use a carbide blade in a circular saw; for curved cuts, use a hand-held jigsaw equipped with an all purpose blade.

  • Drilling: Drill anywhere in the foundation; use a twist drill bit, and countersink each hole to bed screw heads slightly below the surface.

  • Drain capacity: A 2″ dia. waste line connection will handle a water flow rate of approximately 6 to 7 gallons per minute (consult a qualified plumber to properly calculate water flow and drainage requirements for a project); shower heads typically generate a flow rate of 1.5 to 2.5 gallons per minute.

  • Adhesive: Always use polyurethane construction adhesive (product must bond to plastic and wood) to install a TrueDEK foundation on wood. For installations on concrete, use modified thinset mortar.

  • Tile or stone adhesive: After waterproofing has dried completely, use modified thinset mortar to bond tile or stone to the waterproofing membrane.




What You'll Need

  • TrueDEK Classic foundation
  • TrueDEK Classic Drain
  • Waterproofing Kit (extra waterproofing supplies may be required depending on the size and complexity of a project)
  • Circular saw
  • Flush-cutting saw or reciprocating saw
  • Power drill
  • Belt sander or orbital sander
  • Hammer Pry bar
  • Level Caulking gun
  • Speed square
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors or utility knife
  • 3″ or 4″ paint brush (throw-away type)
  • Paint roller and cover
  • Polyurethane construction adhesive (five 10 oz. tubes)—make sure adhesive bonds to plastic and wood
  • Acrylic paintable caulk (one 10 oz. tube)
  • #9 x 2″ ceramic-coated or stainless steel screws
  • 2× lumber for blocking

About Waterproofing Kits

ARC has assembled premium materials for installing and waterproofing your curbless shower.

Tank/10 Liquid Waterproofing Compound is an outstanding product that is easy to apply and ensures long-lasting protection. Tank/10 Polyurethane Construction Adhesive is a ‘best-in-class” product that bonds to many materials, most importantly plastic shower bases and all kinds of wood joists. ARC’s reinforcement tape, pre-formed corners, and screws are all top quality to help you do the job right. We want to supply you with the best products possible. That way your shower base, the foundation under all your decorative materials, lasts and lasts.

ARC’s Pro Kit has enough waterproofing materials to do any ARC shower base, while the Premium Kit includes enough waterproofing supplies to do a base plus the walls of an alcove shower. You may need additional materials if you are going to add a built-in bench or other features in your shower.

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ARC TrueDEK Classic Shower Bases