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    Flush Fireplace Vent [Luxe]

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    Ultra-minimal, one-vent-fits-all solution designed to suit every fireplace. Install as a mud-in drywall vent, or use the reverse side to act as a ...

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    Original price $230.00 - Original price $230.00
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Fittes: The Name You Can Trust

While the construction industry has made significant advancements, some mechanical components have fallen behind—especially vents. This motivated the father-daughter duo of Paolo and Roberta to harness innovative and intuitive design to address the issue.

Their solution, Fittes, is an air vent that fits drywall, tiles, panel walls, and more. The unstoppable duo kept DIY-ers and professional builders in mind, allowing them to create stylish and thoughtful vents for building improvement with their innovative design. 

NYDirect is proud to offer a comprehensive online catalog of Fittes air vents, so shop now to improve your building’s air circulation in style!

What Sets Fittes Apart

Fittes was founded in 2016, and its air vents have forever changed the home improvement game with their stylish, adaptable, and modular features. Here’s exactly what makes them stand out from regular vent units:

Innovative Design Products

A Fittes vent is immediately recognizable, combining desirable aesthetics with cutting-edge performance. You won’t find another vent similar to them because there simply isn’t another vent like it on the market today.

Flexibility and Customizability

Whatever material you’re working with, Fittes vents can adapt to it. From tile to carpet and wood, you can easily customize and install vents in your home. Fittes' flexible options match the needs of homeowners and contractors.

Non-stop Development

As a pioneering innovator behind the flush wall vent, Fittes always seeks ways to enhance its products and give quality vent solutions. The OG Aria vent is only the beginning. Expect more designs soon that will continue to impress.

Types of Fittes Products We Sell

Fittes has a variety of different vents, and we’re proud to sell them all at NYDirect. Find whichever is best suited to your home or office building when you browse the brand’s many offerings in our extensive online catalog: 

  • Flush Wall Vent - Available in supply vent and larger air return sizes, equipped with a drywall bead that contours seamlessly into the surface. 
  • Flush Exhaust Mount - Previously known as Drywall Pro X [Exhaust Cover], these ultra-minimal exhaust fan mounts and covers always blend in. 
  • Flush Floor Vent - Available in a variety of sizes, and, once installed, only a rectangular air channel is visible on the floor. 
  • Framed Wall Vent - These affordable minimalist vents are easy to install and can be visually customized with paint or wallpaper. 
  • Framed Floor Vent - The “OG” Fittes vent that blends in with every surface material and can be easily installed DIY-style. 
  • No-See Receptacle Mount - For hiding receptacles such as light switches and outlets behind a customizable yet always accessible hinged door.
  • And more!

Tips for Maintaining Your Fittes Air Vents

A Fittes vent helps distribute warm and cool air throughout your home, but ensuring they function as intended for a long time takes a little maintenance. Here are some best practices to follow when caring for your Fittes products: 

  • Remove the tray or plate of Fittes vents and open the dampeners before you start cleaning the vent’s surface.
  • Replace furnace air filters at least every three months to prevent your vents from collecting large dust particles.
  • Schedule regular HVAC maintenance to check your home duct system and have a professional diagnose it.

Why Shop Fittes With Us

At NYDirect, we help contractors, businesses, and homeowners seamlessly get the necessary items for improvement projects. You can expect:

Wide Selection

No matter what kind of Fittes air vent you need, we have it. All items by the brand are available on our website and inventory, ready to be shipped to your address anytime!

Shipped Directly to You

We provide direct shipping to various locations quickly and affordably. After processing your order, we’ll begin securely packing your Fittes vent, mounts, and accessories. Rest assured, your items will be in mint condition once they arrive at your doorstep.

Family Owned and Operated

Being a family-run business allows us to better understand our understand our customers' specific needs. We’re dedicated to finding the best solutions for your home improvement projects. With us, you’re in good hands!

Get the Best Fittes Products Today From NYDirect

If you’re shopping for innovative Fittes vents and other products, NYDirect has what you’re looking for at prices you’ll love. 

We make ordering simple, seamless, and stress-free. No matter what you choose to improve the aesthetics and air circulation inside your home, rest assured we’ll deliver it directly to your door in perfect condition. It’s how our family serves yours. 

Contact us to start shopping or with any questions!

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