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How to Choose Between 5 Outdoor Faucet Types

Every property owner understands the value of a dependable outdoor faucet. These tools are important for a lot of things you can do outside, like keeping your lawn and garden healthy and your car clean. But there are so many types of outdoor faucets that choosing the right one for your home can be overwhelming.

In this guide, we’ll go over the different types of outdoor faucets, their main features, and benefits to help you choose. Knowing the differences will assist you in picking the ideal outdoor water source for your home.

Types of Outdoor Water Faucets

Even though they look simple, outdoor faucets come in many different styles, each one better suited to a different situation or need. Let's explore the most common types to assist you in finding the ideal match for your property.

1. Spigot

Outdoor water spigot with green hose attached

Image Source: Shutterstock

The most familiar and readily available plumbing fixture, the spigot features a shutoff valve and a threaded spout for hose attachment. It’s affordable and straightforward to install, making it ideal for basic watering tasks. However, it does not prevent freezing and may not be suitable for regions with harsh winters. If you do go for this one, make sure to winterize your outdoor faucets before the temperatures drop. 

2. Frost-Proof Outside Faucet

If you live in areas prone to freezing temperatures like New York, frost-proof outdoor faucets are your best choice. This clever design has a built-in shutoff valve that is inside the house, safe from the cold weather. Even with a hose attached, the water within the faucet safely drains out, preventing burst pipes and potential plumbing woes.

3. Anti-Siphon Wall Hydrant

Prioritizing safety, an anti-siphon valve provides an extra layer of protection against backflow contamination. Its system prevents dirty water from getting back into the clean water supply. This is extra crucial for things like filling pools or using fertilizers which could lead to complications and add harmful substances to the water source.

Two standouts in the Prier collection of anti-siphon outdoor wall hydrants include: 

  • PRIER C-144: Good in cold climates, this model provides year-round water in areas that are subject to freezing temperatures. Its anti-siphon valve is connected to the supply piping in the heated portion of the structure, eliminating the possibility of freezing.
  • PRIER C-534: This model has the same frost-proof faucet features but can self-drain and has two backflow check valves. It’s also key-operated, code-approved, and flows up to 9 GPM.

4. Ball Valve Faucets

Ball valve with red handle

Image Source: Shutterstock

Ball valve faucets have a spherical valve that controls the flow of water with a simple quarter-turn handle. It gets its name from the hollowed-out ball in the valve that controls the water flow and temperature. 

They excel in both hot and cold climates due to their resistance to temperature extremes and are particularly effective for high-pressure applications. Best suited for outdoor use and main shutoffs in homes, ball valve faucets offer a reliable solution where minimal maintenance and quick, effective operation are essential.

5. Yard Hydrants

Think of yard hydrants as the underground workhorses of outside faucets. Their excellent resistance to cold temperatures comes from the fact that they connect directly to your home's underground water line. They are great for large properties or areas that need to be watered often. However, installation can be harder than other types and you may need the help of a professional.

Choosing the Right Faucet for Your Needs

Now that you're equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the most common outdoor faucet types, you're well on your way to selecting the perfect one for your property's needs.Think of it as choosing the ideal teammate for your outdoor watering demands.

A woman spraying a hose in the backyard while two children play in the water

Image source: Canva

Here are some key factors to consider when making your selection:

  • Climate: This is a big one. If you live in an area with freezing winters, frost-free outdoor faucet types are non-negotiable to prevent burst pipes and costly repairs. Spigots, while affordable, might not be suitable for such climates.
  • Frequency of use: Do you need a faucet for occasional watering tasks or will it be in constant use? Ball valve faucets, known for their durability, are ideal for frequent use and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday watering.
  • Number of water access points: Consider how many areas of your yard require easy access to water. If your property is big or you need to water more than one area, a yard hydrant system with dedicated spigots in different places might be the best choice.
  • Budget: Outdoor faucets range in price depending on features and materials. Hose bib faucets are usually the least expensive option while yard hydrants, on the other hand, may be more expensive and require more work to install.

Remember, the best outside faucet for your property depends on your specific needs and priorities. With these things in mind and knowledge of the various faucet types, you will be able to make an educated choice to keep your outdoor space looking great.

Shop the Perfect Outdoor Faucets for Your Needs

Picking the right outdoor water faucet may seem tricky, but it can make a big difference in your day-to-day. 

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