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Legend Valve T-550 Stem and Cartridge Assembly

SKU 108-906A

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In addition to Replacement Cartridges for the Current T-550A Improved Flow sillcock, Legend also offers Retro-fit Cartridges for Original T-550 sillcocks manufactured before 2008. These cartridges are NOT interchangeable. To enable you to identify which product you have installed and to order the correct replacement parts we’ve provided the following Information.

Note: The original T-550 incorporates a detachable cartridge attached by the stainless-steel Phillips-head screw at the back of the stem (arrow), permitting cartridge removal from the stem. The replacement retro-fit cartridge eliminates this feature; the stem and cartridge are now one piece.

Note The “A” Has ONE o-ring and two tabs at the end of the cartridge (If Yours Differs You Will Need The “AR”)

What size and style do I need?! Click Here